The innovation and dedication, the continuos study of new creative methods, a unique sartorial craftsmanship and the meticulous attention to details have always been the real secret of our work.

The careful interpretation of trends, creativity and style, the creation of expressiveness through our clothes are the reasons that give a smile to our brides.

The professionalism, the warmth and the never-ending search for new services for our customers emphasize the importance that every bride has for our company.
GALIZIA SPOSE. We dress a dream.

Company History

Since 1981, GALIZIA SPOSE successfully grew from a small family business into an important world wide company.

More than 200 boutiques in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Lebanon, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico and the United States have chosen to offer something unique to their future brides: exclusive handcrafted dresses, enhanced by precious fabrics, embellished with dedicated finishing touches and careful attention to details.


With an extensive Italian tailoring tradition, Galizia Spose stands out for its professionalism and elegance by creating unique and refined clothes which are appreciated throughout the world.

GALIZIA SPOSE and SIMONE MARULLI by GALIZIA SPOSE are our two most loved brands.

For the most sophisticated customers, GALIZIA SPOSE creates tailored suits. From design to manufacturing, we customize the suit to the tastes and needs of the future bride, creating an outstanding, pure and elegant image.

Galizia Spose Collezione 2019 - Collection 2019

Galizia Spose Collezione by Enza Nardelli - Collection by Enza Nardelli

Collezione Galizia Spose - Galizia Spose Collection

Simone Marulli By Galizia Spose